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The figures were similar for biracial daters, with over 87% indicating that they were willing to date someone outside their own racial/ethnic group.

Again the overwhelming majority indicated that they were seeking partners who were white (92%), followed closely by respondents who reported they were willing to date Hispanics (81%) and 'others' (71%).

A new study examines for the first time how both biracial and monoracial daters really feel about dating someone with a different background to theirs.

The research suggests that, in the US at least, a person's race still plays a big role in who might ask them out for dinner. Mc Grath of Vanderbilt University, and her colleagues, studied the profiles and racial preferences of 1,200 men and women on the US version of the dating site

Parks is also outspoken on civil rights issues and has gone to cities from Selma, Alabama to Flint, Michigan to fight social injustices.Physical attractiveness refers to the degree to which a person's physical traits are regarded as aesthetically pleasing or beautiful.The term often implies sexual attractiveness or desirability, but can also be distinct from the two; for example, humans may regard the young as attractive for various reasons, but without sexual attraction.We now have sufficient information to determine that these skeletal remains should be considered "Native American" as defined by NAGPRA.The results of recent radiocarbon dating of small samples of bone extracted from the remains were given significant weight in making this determination.To explain this, the authors suggest that "although our findings indicate that biracial individuals are more likely to seek potential partners outside of their same racial/ethnic identity, their dating preferences also reflect a distinct racial hierarchy that may account for why some racial/ethnic categories are more desirable than others." As Mc Grath and her colleagues explain: "Daters essentially 'trade' in personal, social, and cultural capital to find a romantic partner with characteristics that they believe will fulfil their own needs and desires.


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