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Oziel Law is a business, technology and intellectual property law firm in Toronto providing legal services to a wide variety of clients. Earlier in December, I posted a link to an article I wrote for Chinese News Group which was translated into Chinese. In Canada, the app is particularly popular within Asian communities.We offer a modern approach to business law with transparent and flat rate billing options, modern payment methods and cloud services. Among other features, the app permits its users to set-up or join a group chat where users can have semi-private conversations or broadcast messages to the group.The study shows only 13.1% of blog contents are posted during weekends, however they account for 32.6% of total social shares.The following two graphs show the correlation between posting time and social engagement. Understand your user through testing different types of content and analyse performance.Some basic principles when you operate you We Chat account : “One way to rapid grow We Chat follow is to report about current events.This means you have to be on standby even if it’s a weekend.I also want to have fun, but with Twitter becoming the voice of mainstream media, I don't feel this playfulness anymore.

It is still the case but I feel frustrated in terms of User Experience: I want my privacy back when it comes to talking to my friends, so I no longer use Twitter for informal conversations; I want to keep my address book alive, but I don't like the way it's sorted on Twitter or on Facebook.But those 650 million – and the number is growing rapidly – aren’t just telling each other what train they’re on, sharing photos of their breakfasts, flirting, or organising or conducting a meeting, though they do all of this too, of course. Users, in China at least, can order and pay for a taxi; donate to their favourite charity; send DIY postcards from whatever city they’re in; transfer money to a friend; find their nearest petrol station; check in for a flight; search a library catalogue for a book; shop; pay off a credit card; book a doctor’s appointment; follow the official accounts of celebrities ranging from Fan Bingbing to John Cusack; buy movie tickets; keep up with the Communist Party line via the People’s Daily (We Chat’s most heavily subscribed official account); check the points on their driver’s licence; top up their mobile accounts and find restaurant reviews, in some cases discovering how many people are queuing for tables before adding their names to the list.A Chinese toy company has even created a cute little Bluetooth-enabled plush toy (‘Mon-Mon’) based on a popular We Chat emoji that a parent can use to send voice messages or even pre-recorded bedtime stories to their children while away – and all a child has to do to reply is press the creature’s belly and talk. According to Tencent, China’s biggest social network and online entertainment company, its flagship live chat, calling and social media application is used by over a billion people worldwide.Like other social media and microblogging sites and applications, We Chat has become littered with users who hide behind their aliases and post rumours, false stories and even defamatory statements about other people on the application.Extimacy is back with We Chat and it happens "in real life"With We Chat, users can manage their "real" friends while controlling what they share with the world.


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