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We hope the following will provide some information for those same-sex couples interested in getting married in Vancouver.

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…Read Full Post Vancouver Separation Date Lawyers help you deal with the tricky legal issue of when parties separated."I work with persons who are having adjustment difficulties, and who experience stress and anxiety while making life transitions.I treat sexual difficulties or lifestyle issues from a sex positive perspective.I have over 10 years of sex and couple therapy and research experience, and offer concrete solutions to bring pleasure, excitement, and connection into your sexual and intimate life.I also provide evidence-based therapy for depressed mood, stress/anxiety, and coping with sexual and reproductive health problems (e.g., infertility, genital pain, incontinence).""I work with individuals and couples to enhance their quality of life by addressing sexual and relationship difficulties, depressed mood, and anxiety.Our highly rated BC common law presumption of advancement lawyers continually monitor the latest trends in BC Family property division law.


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