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Once you've found the book you want, request it via ILLiad.The book will be delivered to the Tisch Library circulation desk and you will be notified via email on its arrival. Not all members are overweight: the site's motto is "For large lovers and the men and women who admire them".Klein - who is neither chubby nor single - says he has personal ties to the venture.So why are college students signing up for online dating websites?Some do it out of boredom, as a joke, or as a drunken dare.

Jumbo Search includes most of the records in the Tufts Classic Library Catalog and also lets you search the Tufts Digital Library and Research [email protected]

“They started dating, and they were supposed to meet but for some reason she could never make it.

We all assumed she was a middle-aged housewife, but he actually went to Columbia to be with her.

His older sister is heavy and helped shaped the approach he took in creating the dating service."I need her help to know what it feels like to be heavy," Klein told the of his sister, who is currently dating a man she met on the site.

While the Tufts graduate has faced some sneers from the media - primarily from radio shock jocks who poke fun at the site's members - Klein brushes off the jeers and stands by his idea."Different men have different tastes," he told the , noting that he has dated "very different women of all shapes and sizes."The idea for hit Klein after a string of unsuccessful online business enterprises.


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