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There is also content filtering to protect your kids, regardless of whether surfing the Internet or using an app.

If completely unfiltered access to the Internet and every imaginable topic and activity, phishing scams, privacy issues, and bad apps scares the crap out of you…I was googling some information for a dog kennel and landed on a random website (unfortunately I do not remember the site's name.) I clicked a link on the page and all of sudden this message popped up on my screen.I wasn't sure what happened, but when I read the message I thought it was support from Apple telling me to call the support number because my i Pad had spyware on it.Out of panic, I called the number on the screen and a woman with a heavy foreign accent answered and asked me for my email address.That's when my gut told me something wasn't right here, so I hung up and I never called back.To that end, we succeeded, and continue to evolve and innovate.


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