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Moreover, the hotel is located less than 1km from the absolute centre of Tbilisi (Metekhi Bridge) and within walking distance of the key tourist attractions such as the sulphur baths, museums and theatres...

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The discovery was made after geneticists successfully completed DNA sequencing – the process of determining succession of genes – from the remains discovered in the Kotias Klde rock shelter and the Satsurblia Cave sites.

The question of where the Yamnaya come from has been something of a mystery up to now.

We can now answer that as we've found that their genetic make-up is a mix of Eastern European hunter-gatherers and a population from this pocket of Caucasus hunter-gatherers who weathered much of the last Ice Age in apparent isolation,” said Dr Andrea Manica of the University of Cambridge and one of the authors of the study.

When the city was an important hub on the old Silk Route, visiting merchants had to bath in the waters before entering the city walls.

Even the city’s name is a derivation of the old Georgian word for warm: .


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