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Syrups and sauces enliven veldkos; elements of Afrikaner boerekos, with its strong ‘Cape Malay’ (slave) influences, are blended with ingredients favoured by the Khoi nomads who lived in the Franschhoek Valley thousands of years ago.

All appetisingly plated for maximum eye and taste appeal.

Before long, developers were outfitting doors in suburban ranch houses with utilitarian-looking steel orbs. But there are important points about fit, style, and construction to consider before buying.

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And by 1920, the largest hardware makers, including Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co. of Illinois, were mass-producing doorknobs of molded and machine-cut glass, and cut crystal to suit various house styles, wallet sizes, and tastes.

There are many glass experts across the country who are avid Fenton art glass collectors.

Most of these people belong to one of the independent Fenton Collector Clubs.

The cuisine, like its adventurous wines and atmospheric farmstead, lives up to the Solms-Delta claim of being proudly Hiervandaan (‘from this place’).

Dishes explore the diverse culinary heritage of the Cape, uniting European, Asian and African flavours in a fusion of tradition and creativity.


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