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At Antipodean Cafe, we work hard to offer a uniquely "antipodean" style cafe food menu.

Our favourites include a BLT on sour dough bread, double salmon fish cakes, Burmese shredded chicken salad and of course a range of delicious and healthy breakfast choices for all ages.

I've realised that my only hobby is watching TV, but I am running out of UK/US shows to watch and started to watch antipodean shows such as Underbelly, Rake, Offspring, Wilfred, The Almighty Johnsons and Chris Lilley's stuff. I would recommend Wilfred and Changi, but not much else.

Online dating site this month celebrates 4 years of matching Australian, New Zealand and South African singles living in the UK and Ireland.

When you join Antipodate you’ll probably take some time to create an effective profile and choose some suitable photos so that you stand out from the crowd of site members.

There are two other important elements that you will be creating when you join an internet dating site: your member name and your headline. It’s healthy and sensible to be a little sceptical about Internet security and careful about your personal safety.

Courses for non-pilot aircrew members include: all regulatory requirements for non-pilot flightcrew members for FAA, CASA and EASA/JAA and provides all approvals and certifications required of aircrew under each of the regulations such as for Hoist Operator, FAA Part 133 Rotorcraft External Load Operations (Class B & D), CASA Civil Aviation Order (CAO) 29.11 Appendix III, and JAR OPS 3.005 including Appendix 1; JAR OPS 3.988 including Appendix 1, and Section 1, Subpart O (Crew Members other than Flight Crew).

Here’s why it’s important to give some serious thought to these features... If you’re wary of joining an internet dating site, read on for some reassurance about safe online dating in the UK. Heading overseas for a working holiday or just a holiday can be daunting.

You’re stepping out of your comfort zone and everyday is a new adventure.

If you’re feeling uncertain how to act or what to say, here are a few tips to help you put your best foot forward and avoid any embarrassing dating faux pas. Your first date went well, and you enjoyed each other’s company enough to arrange a second date.

While that first date might have been a little tense and awkward at times, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you can rest on your laurels for the second date.


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