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Never asked for money but pushed for a commitment to be his one and only woman. Met this guy at Luxy, WREDE LAURIE LEE, Naval Aqchitect and working on an oil rig.

Back to Top Major eating disorders can be classified as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge–eating disorder, other specified feeding and eating disorder, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, and unspecified feeding and eating disorder.

Been asking for money to save his box he's sent photos etc DM me via Instagram saying he's going to lose 45,000 if I don't help him to give him ,000 Exact same letter I got from Eubanks Anthony, type it in search and you will find it. I have seen that letter so many times I laugh now when I see it. Be careful sending pictures, I had clothes on in all mine and he sent me one back and cropped it some how without my tank top. Sent pictures of himself in the hospital after bomb blast.

I laughed because I do not have a big scar on my chest. Said he was financially stable and just looking for a good and faithful wife. I think he finally figured I was on to him when he told me he was being deployed to West Africa in the morning. These men are scum and regardless of how alone you feel you can do so much better!

Amanda Berry and Gina De Jesus recalled the years of rapes, torture and psychological games at the hands of Ariel Castro, a man who lived close to their homes in Ohio, and managed to lure them into his house with trust because his daughters were the girls' friends.

Amanda Berry, pictured following her escape from Ariel Castro's 'house of horrors' with her sister (left) and daughter (right) in 2013.


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    This period of courtship is sometimes seen as a precursor to engagement or marriage.

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    Play Station Universe, via a translation of the Playstation China website, has revealed that the upgrade is arriving this week - at least in China.

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    We went to the Country Mart in Malibu, and I picked a black kitten with green eyes and Sara picked a gray one. If we could trade places with a famous person for a day, Erin would choose Kate Middleton. Sara would pick Justin Bieber and drive with the top down and walk on Robertson … Erin had a Beavis and Butt-Head poster above her bed in fifth grade only because she thought that the guys in her class would think it was cool.10. Sara loves a long shower, clean hair and being wet in bed in her robe, with tons of TV to watch on her DVR and a bag of Doritos.14. The background of Erin's phone is literally Sara’s kids, and they aren’t even Sara's background! Sara's least favorite food is sushi — she knows it’s so politically incorrect to say. Our dream guest on Barely Famous would still be Larry David, but Erin can’t get close to him and Sara doesn't know what she would even say to him if she saw him. A television show that Erin is embarrassed to say that she watches is Bachelor in Paradise. It’s the thing we argue about the most working together. Our favorite holiday is Christmas, though Erin also loves Shabbat.

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